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Is your organization still rolling the dice when it comes to the risk impacts of workplace stress?


The risk impacts of unaddressed workplace stress are avoidable.

"The Great Resignation"* showed us that some businesses began taking them seriously. 


Unfortunately, many have not.


Unaddressed workplace stress is an organizational risk in and of itself, regardless of the cause. It is compounded when internal and external changes occur, and an organization is perpetually in a reactive “clean up on aisle 12” mode. However, if the organization implements an effective and sustainable company-wide Readiness, Responsiveness and Resiliency program, they are much better equipped during stressful times of change and when a crisis arises seemingly out of nowhere.

Change will always be a constant, whether we want it or not. The role of an ethical and adaptive leader is to be able to take a broad, Big Picture view to be able to identify the types of challenges that will arise, and possess the clarity of mind to respond to and lead the way past often unforeseeable setbacks and complications preceding, during and after change, and to facilitate a workplace environment that provides context for openly talking about and managing the types of stresses that comes along with it. Disruptive change like that which was experienced on a global scale during the COVID-19 pandemic raises the stakes on all the above. How all stakeholders make their way collectively through the transitions that result from disruption has a direct impact on outcomes - including various areas of risk to the organization. 

*please click this link to read excerpts from the January 2022 MITSloan Management piece: "Toxic Culture is Driving the Great Resignation" and the accompanying data.

Introductory Video Lessons:
Building Readiness, Responsiveness & Resiliency: Actions and Awareness to Support
Workplace Integrity During Times of Stress and Crisis

"Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival.

The goal of resilience is to thrive." - Jamais Cascio

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