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Under Water
About the Toolkit Creators

Kalwant Kaur

Kalwant is an experienced legal and compliance professional who has been working in the corporate sector for over 20 years. In that time she has both experienced and witnessed high levels of stress and the negative impact this has on health, family life, relationships and overall wellbeing. Kalwant is a Gurmat Psychologist, Metaphysical Scientist and Psychotherapist. She works with individuals and groups to build resilience, discover their purpose and support them through challenging times including corporate burnout, depression, stress and anxiety. Kalwant has supported workplace wellbeing programmes and is an ethics trainer, working with organisations to align employer and employee values to ensure ethics is a lived experience rather than a paper policy. 



Suzanne Matthiessen

Suzanne Matthiessen has taught corporate employees, law enforcement professionals, and the general public actionable stress and change readiness, responsiveness, and resiliency skills in both online and in-person learning environments, as well as through the written word. Her leadership and team training and advising focuses on the workplace behavioral ethics challenges that arise in high stress/high pressure situations and interactions, employing a holistic, systems-thinking, interdependent approach that incorporates "whole person" health and wellness practices and educational programs.

Training/Advising Programs:

- Codes of Ethical, Equitable and Harmonious Workplace Conduct: Development & Integration

- Building Harmony in Diverse Workplaces with Psychological Safety and Social Mindfulness:
Creating a Fearless & Inclusive Culture of Integrity

- Workplace Stress Readiness, Responsiveness & Resiliency Skills & Tools: Preventing Ethical Risks & Adapting to Change | Wellness By Habit™

For several years, Suzanne composed a blog titled The Integrity Habit: Embodying TrustWorthiness in Your Personal and Professional Life. That content is now being converted into book format. 



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