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Stressed Man

"CEOs experience the steady push of stress and pressure to maximize earnings, shareholders’ value and various financial targets, as well their concern for keeping their clients and their high performing team members happy, and conflicting demands within stakeholder groups.

Endless meetings, constant emails, media, analysts, increasing pressure from investors and others to do better: Go green. Do business more humanely and sustainably. Treat employees well and pay them fairly. Diversify the workplace and boardroom. Improve data security. Do more to help the towns and cities where the organization is located. All this while pressure persists to keep growing profits!"

“…employee pressure to bend the rules was higher among those who perceived their leaders as having weak commitment to organizational values and ethical leadership (49%) compared with those who perceived their leaders as having strong commitment (13%). The weaker the leaders’ commitment to organizational values and ethical leadership is, the more likely employees are to feel pressure to bend the rules compared with organizations with strong leadership commitment to organizational values and ethical leadership.”

Source: - ECI 2020 Global Business Ethics Survey: Pressure in the Workplace: Possible Risk Factors and Those at Risk

Adverse Impacts of Unaddressed Chronic Stress Upon Leadership

"The world needs more resilient leaders, at every level. You are a leader whether you consider that obvious or it takes you out of your comfort zone. We are all leaders, leading from our chairs, wherever they may be. It may be personal leadership—the care and feeding of you, your family, your community. It may take the form of professional leadership launching or leading a company and impacting tens, hundreds, thousands of other lives. 

"Leadership is manifest in external relationships, but ultimately, it’s an inside job; positive change always starts within. Resilient leadership is the ability to lead oneself and inspire others to act in the face of challenge and change, with clarity of mind, body, and spirit to create good in the world. 


"Resilient leaders cultivate a new kind of ROl where they reap not only the rewards, influence, and impact of effective leadership but also create a sustainable and fulfilling personal life. Many leaders excel at achieving the former but neglect to cultivate the latter, not realizing that the two are inextricably linked. The former, as I outline in my latest report, The Future of Resilient Leadership, is built on intentional management of three pillars: mindset, energy, and work-life integration. Work-life integration (balance is a myth!) requires deeper insight and intentional reflective practices to build a solid foundation, without which everything else is a house of cards." 

Source: "Why Leadership Is An Inside Job,", (1/11/22).

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