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Adverse Impacts of Unaddressed Chronic Stress Upon Employees

Stress Costs US Employers $500 billion dollars in lost productivity annually


“Workplace Health Survey show that only twenty-one (21 percent) of respondents felt that they were paid what they deserved, while 44 percent of respondents felt that skilled employees were not given recognition. Additionally, only 36 percent and 34 percent of respondents felt that they could rely on supervisor and colleague support, respectively. perceived lack of support and recognition in the workplace contribute to higher levels of workplace stress and isolation and are strongly correlated with job dissatisfaction. Survey respondents also reported high rates of absenteeism (33 percent) and work-family (81 percent), as well as increased mental health and behavioral problems (63 percent).

“Unsupportive and unstable workplaces fostered psychological distress and contributed to a decline in employee engagement. Among employees with lower levels of engagement, a majority (65 percent) reported that they spent between 31-50 hours a week distracted in their workplace, and 70 percent stated that they were thinking about and/or actively looking for a new job. Low levels of employee engagement were moderately correlated with overall workplace health. “

❖ Two-thirds felt they worked in an unsupportive or even hostile environment

❖ Two-thirds said they didn’t often trust their coworkers to support them at work

❖ Two-thirds said their supervisor was unsupportive

❖ More than eight in 10 said the stress at work directly caused stress with family and friend relationships

❖ More than seven in 10 admitted they bad-mouth their employer outside of work

❖ A third of employees surveyed reported staying away from work at least two or more days a month because their work environments were so stressful

❖ Of those that responded that they missed two or more days of work

     35% said they missed between three and five days a month

     38% said they missed six days or more

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